Nerfed the D to D one Timers?

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    I saw a video on this actually. If they nerfed the blue line one timers then that is actually good! Nobody should score the same move over and over and over again anyway.
    Mayby they need to nerf skill stick too cause Defence animations are too slow to compete with that in past dunno about this years game. With that being said I do like what EA has well in my eyes I have seen what they have done. Good job.
    Now if I may give a suggestion..I’ve said this before, we need to add manual tips in to the game. Let’s get rid of this automatic tips and make the tips happen on a timed let’s say right or left bumper/trigger whatever you wanna call it push and aim the tip with the left analog stick low or high. Pushing up angles your stick blade up for a high tip,pushing down angles your blade of your stick down to tip it low!. Sounds good?.

    Any help appreciated.
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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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