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    For us goalies out there. What is your equipment preference? I use the following…

    Bauer 940x helmet
    Reebox 7K SR goalie pads (with rollerfly sliders)
    Reebok thigh guards
    Reebok Revoke blocker
    Bauer Supreme pro glove
    Vaughan Pants
    RBK 6K chest protector
    DR Firewall throat guard
    Bauer goalie stick

    Photo below…



    Pretty nice ball hockey equipment. My buddy plays and has similar pads as yours. Those sliders are a cool idea. I heard a lot of goalies starting to use them.



    Yes. The sliders are awesome. Let’s you slide post to post like you’re on ice.

    On another note, I actually just bought a new set of goalie pads. The ones that I was using were 33+1 sizing, and I found that I was getting beat 5-hole too often. The pads were too small for my height (6 feet). So, I bought these Tour pads that are 36+1 sizing (proper size for my height), and I am now able to seal my 5-hole much better.

    You can see the difference in size…



    Using the right size pads makes a huge difference. They look like nice pads too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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